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From: shawn green <>
Subject: Re: mysql_tzinfo_to_sql
Date: April 5, 2013 1:29:50 PM EDT
To: Joe Kosinski <>

Hi Joe,

On 4/5/2013 1:26 PM, Joe Kosinski wrote:
I cannot find the path where mysql_tzinfo_to_sql is installed.

I have these instructions: This program is installed to the same
.../bin folder as your mysqld binary.  Use a "which" command to
clarify where that is on your system.

which mysql_tzinfo_to_sql

Then use the path it identifies when executing the utility.

Whenever I type which mysql_tzinfo_to_sql into a prompt nothing
happens and when I try to run the command from the new command prompt
it just says process completed and I get no output.

Do I enter the system command prompt whenever a first open terminal?

Here is the text from my last terminal where I tried to run the which

If you didn't get an error (you actually got a confirmation that it
completed), your timezone tables are most likely populated. Run some
queries against them to check. Do this from a mysql> prompt.

mysql> SELECT * FROM time_zone;
mysql> SELECT * FROM time_zone_name;
... etc.

Yes, your terminal session is how you get to a system prompt.

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