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From:Oksana Voloshuk Date:April 4 2013 10:47am
Subject:Devart Team is glad to announce the release of new dbForge Studio for MySQL v6.0
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Refactoring Together with Other Improvements in dbForge Studio for MySQL, v.6.0 

dbForge Studio for MySQL presents new powerful version for MySQL database development and
management tool. 

Devart Team is glad to announce the release of new dbForge Studio for MySQL v6.0. New most
intelligent tool includes really required enhancements, which are the result of a close
interaction with MySQL oriented users. The main features of dbForge Studio for MySQL will
meet the requirements even of the most demanding developers. 

The feature that has been really fundamentally improved in the MySQL management tool is
code completion. Code completion functionality in Devart's MySQL GUI tool now offers
extended possibilities for users, makes writing code easier and more convenient. 

One of the most voted-for features in this MySQL front-end release is database
refactoring. It allows applying changes to database object name without thinking about
updating links to these objects in the whole MySQL database. After the application creates
an update script users just have to update it.

Database refactoring

This feature allows renaming objects in a database and automatically updates links to
these objects in the whole database.

  a.. Preview of changes in the database with possibility to cancel them selectively is

  b.. Possibility to generate refactoring script of a database without changing it is

  c.. Refactoring feature can be accessed from Database Explorer and object editors.

  d.. Possibility to rename several columns from object editor.

  e.. If an error in processing dependencies is encountered, a user can fix it manually.

New key features in dbForge Studio for MySQL v6.0 include:

  a.. Query builder with support of DML statements and usability improvements. 

  b.. Data export to SQL statements.

  c.. Improved database object editors.

  d.. Extended data comparison tool.

  e.. Improved code completion.

  f.. Automated data report delivery.

  g.. Code Snippets Manager.

  h.. Improved code formatter.

  i.. Enhanced window docking system.

New functional startup page is the simplest way to expose all the new abilities of the
MySQL management tool. It is also the most convenient way to get a quick start with the
most frequently used tools.

Price and Availability

Consumers can give the updated dbForge Studio for MySQL a test drive by downloading the
free Express edition or the 30-day trial Professional edition at the product download
page. dbForge Studio license price starts at $49.95.

For more information about dbForge Studio for MySQL, visit the product's web site -

About Devart

Devart is a widely recognized provider of database connectivity solutions and tools for
the most popular databases, including MS SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, InterBase,
Firebird and SQLite. 

Since 1997, Devart has been focused on the development of native database data access
solutions, development and database tools for a wide range of databases and development
technologies. Now, Devart solutions provide the fastest data access available on the
market and the broadest database support to many thousands of industry professionals.

From March 2013 Devart is a Silver Partner in the Oracle Partner Network (OPN).

For additional information about Devart, visit 

Devart Team is glad to announce the release of new dbForge Studio for MySQL v6.0Oksana Voloshuk4 Apr