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From:Andrew Morgan Date:March 27 2013 1:10pm
Subject:RE: Converting Mysql to mysql cluster
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> Subject: Converting Mysql to mysql cluster
> Hi,
> My site is using mysql and PHP, now for the scale purpose want to 
> introduce mysql-cluster. Few questions are - 1. Do I need to change 
> any code which is written in PHP.

The answer is "yes and no". There's a good chance that your application will work fine
with MySQL Cluster without any changes *but* there are a few gotchas such as:

 - the current GA version of MySQL Cluster (7.2) doesn't implement Foreign Keys (coming in
Cluster 7.3)
 - (ignoring BLOBs) rows cannot be larger than 13 Kb
 - no geo-spatial indexes
 - no full-text search

A good place to get more information is . That guide
also gives you some advice on scenarios where you *shouldn't* use MySQL Cluster.

In addition, as you should expect, to get the best performance out of MySQL Cluster you
may want to tweak your schema and/or application - you can get lots of tips from

> 2. What are the steps to convert mysql to mysql-cluster.

Basically, you need to backup your database (mysqldump), load it into a MySQL Server
that's part of your Cluster (use to get your first
Cluster up and running and then issue ALTER TABLE <tab-name> ENGINE=ndb;

> Appreciate the help.
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