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From:Rick James Date:March 18 2013 6:37pm
Subject:RE: a little doubt on text about MySQL
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> what are you speaking about?
> you can define it in my.cnf and YOU are responsible for the
> configuration as you are also responsible the develop php code with
> error_reporting = E_ALL <<<<<<<< These SQL-modes that pertain
> to type-
> safety are really part of the _type_: ALLOW_INVALID_DATES NO_ZERO_DATE
> NO_ZERO_IN_DATE Their value when one does "CREATE TABLE ..." really
> belongs to the newly created table, if not to particular fields in the
> table. It is type-declaration. This one, NO_AUTO_VALUE_ON_ZERO, is part
> of the table s type, and belongs with the newly created table, or with
> the fields on which it bears (MyISAM).
> It really is not right that one who designs a table designs it with one
> date setting or another in mind, then another, who uses that table,
> changes any of these in local SQL mode, and thereby changes the type.
> As for this one, NO_AUTO_CREATE_USER, there is no reason for letting it
> differ in local or global SQL-mode from that defined in my.cnf
> (my.ini). Inasmuch as MySQL lets one set that apart from the
> configuration file, there is a problem, especially from dropping it.
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