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From:Andrew Morgan Date:March 18 2013 1:50pm
Subject:RE: mysql cluster and auto shard
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> Subject: mysql cluster and auto shard
> I am looking at  the best way to scale writes.
> Either using sharding with our existing infrastructure, or moving to
> mysql cluster.
> Does anyone have any pros/cons to using mysql cluster?  I am trying to
> find a much better understanding on how the auto sharding works?  Is it
> true we do not need to change code much on application level?

As a starting point, I think it's worth taking a look at this white paper... 

Most things will continue to work when migrating to MySQL Cluster but of course (as with
any storage engine) to get the best performance you'll probably need to make some changes;
this second paper explains how to optimize for MySQL Cluster - hopefully that will give a
good feeling for the types of changes that you might need/want to make...

> Thanks
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