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From:Rick James Date:March 13 2013 5:00pm
Subject:RE: Blob implementation question
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A lot of details are missing...
    Engine:  MyISAM?  InnoDB?  other?
    Let's see the SELECT.
    If InnoDB, let's see the transaction, if it is part of such.
    If InnoDB, which (COMPACT, etc) are you using.
    You are asking about a single row with the 500MB, correct?

In general, each request will ask for the same row, and will be blocked at some level. 
The data will be fetched from disk and cached (radically differently, depending on the
Engine).  Each request will be satisfied -- perhaps sequentially, perhaps simultaneously.

The "resultset" will need to be built at some point.  This will probably take up 500MB+ of
extra RAM.  This might lead to swapping or running out of RAM.

If the SELECT needs to build a temp table, it will be MyISAM, and it will be on disk.  But
not all SELECTs need to build a temp table.  This, for example, won't:
    SELECT myblob FROM mytable WHERE id=123;
This probably will (if foo is not indexed):
    SELECT myblob FROM mytable ORDER BY foo;

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> Subject: Blob implementation question
> Hello All,
> I'm trying to grok the blob implementation. This scenario is contrived
> to understand blobs please don't suggest I shouldn't do this. If you
> have a theoretical machine. Ubuntu with 4 cores/4gb of ram and we'll
> say once mysql is running 500mb of free disk space.
> I have a 500mb blob stored in a table and 30 concurrent requests come
> in to select the blob's bytes. How does mysql handle this situation @
> an implementation level?
> Would mysql buffer the blob data to the disk?
> Would mysql keep 30 large in memory buffers for the data?
> I'd like to know when I would be @ risk of either filling up the disk
> or running out of ram in this situation. I'm also curious as to the
> code level details about how blobs are read and transmitted to a
> client.
> Thanks,
> Adam
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