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From:Girish Talluru Date:February 12 2013 6:33am
Subject:Variable manipulation in stored procedure
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Hi All,

I have a variable in stored procedure named Project_Number and it is of
varchar type.

My Requirement is "for each project number query the table
project_Number_List get results from list and insert into other table"

Lets say, Project_Number might be like this 22,21,34,43,434
corresponding tables I need to query is something like this 22_List,
21_List,34_List .....

I'm using cursor to loop through the Project_Number but my problem is how
to mix the project_number and _list i.e., 22_list to query the table 22_List

Any suggestions?

Girish Talluru

Variable manipulation in stored procedureGirish Talluru12 Feb