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From:Stefan Kuhn Date:February 5 2013 3:25pm
Subject:Aw: SELECT subquery problem
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You cannot do this. A sql result alwas has the same number of columns in each row. You
could have null or "" in the column, though. This could be done via the if(,,)-statement
of mysql or by using a union and two selects, one for pub_email=n and the other for the

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Von: cl <cl@stripped>
An: mysql@stripped
Betreff: SELECT subquery problem
De-lurking here.

I am trying to figure out how to return results from a query. What I need to do is to
return 4 columns from a database. This is easy:

SELECT last_name, first_name, phone, email FROM `mydatabasetable` WHERE `current_member` =
"Y" AND `pub_name` = "Y" ORDER BY last_name ASC

This works fine, as expected.

But, I want to only display the value in `email` if the value in another field,
`pub_email` = "Y" So, the resultant output would look like this, for instance, if the
value of `pub_email` ="N" for Mr. Wills:

Jones John 555-555-5555 johnjones@stripped
Smith Jim 555-222-2222 jimSmith@stripped
Wills Chill 555-111-1111
Zorro Felicity 555-999-9999 felicityzorro@stripped

Can't quite figure out how to express this.

TIA for your suggestions!

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