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From:Kent Boortz Date:February 5 2013 1:32pm
Subject:MySQL Connector/ODBC 5.2.4 has been released
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Dear MySQL users,

MySQL Connector/ODBC 5.2.4, a new version of the ODBC driver for the
MySQL database management system, has been released.

The available downloads include both a Unicode driver and an ANSI
driver based on the same modern codebase. Please select driver type
you need based on the type of your application - Unicode or ANSI.
Server-side prepared statements are enabled by default. It is suitable
for use with any MySQL version since 4.1 (It will not work with 4.0 or
earlier releases.)

The release is now available in source and binary form for a number of
platforms from our download pages at

For information on installing, please see the documentation at


The MySQL build team at Oracle


Changes in MySQL Connector/ODBC 5.2.4 (5 February, 2013)

   This release fixes any bugs encountered since Connector/ODBC
   5.2.3. Its main focus is on compatibility with the latest features
   of MySQL 5.6.

   Functionality Added or Changed

     * The new connection option can_handle_exp_pwd indicates that
       your application includes error-handling logic to deal with
       the error code for an expired password. See Connector/ODBC
       Connection Parameters
       ration-connection-parameters.html) for the details of this
       connection option and the associated SQL state and native
       error code. See ALTER USER Syntax
       ( for
       details about password expiration for MySQL server accounts.
       This new option is added to the Windows GUI, through a
       checkbox Can Handle Expired Password on the Connection tab of
       the Details dialog.

     * The following reserved words were added to the list returned
       by the SQLGetInfo() ODBC function, for compatibility with the
       latest MySQL 5.6 syntax:

          + GET

          + IO_AFTER_GTIDS

          + IO_BEFORE_GTIDS

          + MASTER_BIND

          + ONE_SHOT

          + PARTITION

          + SQL_AFTER_GTIDS

          + SQL_BEFORE_GTIDS

   Bugs Fixed

     * When a column with type TINYTEXT, TEXT, MEDIUMTEXT, or
       LONGTEXT was retrieved from a table with a binary collation,
       the text fields were converted to a hexadecimal
       representation, even though these values were not really
       BLOBs. The unnecessary conversion could expand the data,
       causing overflow problems when storing the result values. (Bug
       #11746572, Bug #27282)

RE Team.

Kent Boortz, Release Staff engineer
Oracle, The MySQL Team
Mobile: +46 76 77 69 049
MySQL Connector/ODBC 5.2.4 has been releasedKent Boortz5 Feb