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From:Larry Martell Date:February 1 2013 6:49pm
Subject:Can't drop table after crash
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We had a power hit and when the server came back we had InnoDB
corruption. (I can't get out to the internet from the system with the
db so can I can't paste the exact text in here). The message was about
log sequences numbers being in the future. We were able to dump the
affected tables, but when we tried to restore them we were not able to
drop the old tables. When we tried the server crashed with:

InnoDB: Failing assertion not_full_n_used >= descr_n_used

We did try booting with innodb_force_recovery at all levels from 1 to
6 with the same results.

Anyone have any ideas on what we can do to recover?
Can't drop table after crashLarry Martell1 Feb
  • RE: Can't drop table after crashRick James1 Feb