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From:Jan Steinman Date:January 9 2013 3:33pm
Subject:Help restoring database: MacOS Server (Snow Leopard)
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I accidentally dropped a crucial database. My only backup is via Apple's Time Machine.

First, I stopped mysqld and copied (via tar) the database in question from the backup.
Restarted, but drat -- most of the tables were apparently using innodb's ibdata1 file, as
only the MyISAM tables showed up in phpMyAdmin.

I copied the ibdata1, but then mysqld wouldn't start, complaining about no mysql.sock,
which was odd, because it was there.

I then copied (via tar) the entire set of all databases, but am still having problems, I
think related to Time Machine's ACL lists and extended attributes.

Anyone have experience and wise words on restoring a database from Time Machine?


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