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From:Igor Shevtsov Date:December 26 2012 6:25pm
Subject:Re: "access denied" to non-root@localhost & null-string user in USER_PRIVILEGES
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You mysql.user table might be corrupted.
If you have access to it as a root user, try check table mysql.user, and 
repair table mysql.user if table corruption was detected.
Alternatively, shut down mysql server, cd /var/lib/mysql/mysql (to your 
$datadir/mysql directory) and run
mysqlcheck -r mysql user

On 26/12/12 18:00, Round Square wrote:
> Hi all:
> Suddenly, after a long, functioning run of the mysql server, all the non-root
> accounts went bad, with:
>             Access denied for user 'non_root_user'@'localhost' (using password: YES)
> Authenticating with "non_root_user@stripped" still works ( the bind-address
> in my.cnf is mapped to server.ip.address )
> Poking around in puzzlement and comparing the current, broken state with the
> functioning state (from backup) I discovered that in the broken version there is this
> extra line in the information_schema.USER_PRIVILEGES table:
>            | ''@'localhost'                 | NULL          | USAGE                  
> | NO           |
> (Note the null-string user prepended to "@localhost")
> Again: the functional, non-broken state does NOT have this entry.  Thus, my current
> theory is that this line is the culprit.  Prior to the failure I had a surge of
> experimental installations, installing third-party software that created mysql tables, and
> can't clearly retrace everything I did, at this point, to pinpoint the installation that
> may have caused it.
> Be that as it may...
> (1) Is my theory correct?
> (2) If that line should not be there...
>         (a) How do I remove it, properly? I don't have debian-sys-maint privileges to
> delete the line. (Or do I?)
>         (b) Are there other tables, besides USER_PRIVILEGES, that would need to be
> updated/purged
> My version:
> mysql  Ver 14.14 Distrib 5.1.41, for debian-linux-gnu (i486) using readline 6.1

"access denied" to non-root@localhost & null-string user inUSER_PRIVILEGESRound Square26 Dec
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