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From:Dan Nelson Date:December 24 2012 5:24am
Subject:Re: Animation studio asset management
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In the last episode (Dec 23), Chad Vernon said:
> I'm designing an animation studio database to track assets across multiple
> shows.  My original design was to have a "show" table to track which asset
> belongs to which show with a show_id column.  A couple coworkers suggested
> having a database per show because they are worried about performance and
> reliability vs a single database as the number of shows grows.  I don't
> think reliability would be different because it's all on the same MySQL
> server anyways.  Is that assumption correct?  I've read a few articles
> about multi-tenant database design, however the motivation for multiple
> databases seems to be security which doesn't apply to us.  Am I correct in
> trying to push a single database design for this?  If it helps, we have no
> dedicated dba and currently a single mysql server machine.

You only need to think about partitioning tables for performance reasons
when you get into the millions of rows (or gigabytes of raw table size if
you're storing images in there etc).  As long as your tables are properly
indexed, there shouldn't be any problem putting all your shows in one table. 
It'll also make it a lot easier to generate queries that cover all shows if
you want to generate summary reports.

	Dan Nelson
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