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From:Rhino Date:December 17 2012 6:09pm
Subject:Basic Question
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Is the version of SQL statements that I write for MySQL based on the 
server version or the client version?

After a lengthy absence from MySQL, I want to start working with it 
again. This time, I'm creating tables for a MySQL installation that 
lives on a server for a hosting service. (Basically, I'm just creating 
my own tables in the databases that I am allowed to create as a customer 
of the hosting service.)

According to phpMyAdmin, the version of the MySQL Client is 4.1.22 but 
the MySQL Server version is 5.1.65. When I write SQL, do I need to 
ensure that it follows the rules as laid out in the Version 4.1 manual 
or the version Version 5.1 manual?

I'm inclined to think that I need to follow the Version 4.1 rules but 
just want to be sure.

I'm getting syntax errors when I try to execute SQL in an external 
script. (Strangely enough, the script was actually generated by MySQL! I 
populated a table with 52 rows of data via the phpMyAdmin Insert panels, 
then used Export to write a script describing the contents of the table. 
I added somemore inserts to the script but now the script blows up when 
I try to use it to drive an Import. It's not even blowing up on the 
statements I've added but the ones that it generated itself.I think the 
problem will probably stem from missing apostrophes that are garbling 
the syntax internally....)

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