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From:Johan De Meersman Date:December 14 2012 8:00am
Subject:Re: Opening .mwb file without MySql
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> From: "Fred G" <bayespokerguy@stripped>
> I googled around a bunch but couldn't find a good answer to this
> question.

Then either your google fu isn't up to it, or you don't like the right answer :-)

>  How do I open the ERD diagram I made in MySQL WorkBench 5.2CE, which
>  is a .mwb file-- on another computer that does not have MySQL on it?  I

The same way you open a word file on a computer that doesn't have office on it: you
*install* the program you need.

Admittedly I haven't actually tried this, but I don't think you need a mysql connection to
open up diagram files in the workbench, so you should simply need to install that.

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