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From:Johan De Meersman Date:December 12 2012 8:29am
Subject:Percona Live
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Hey you lot, 

I'm currently being brainwashed with Oracle internals, so to keep a semblance of sanity
I'm throwing this out here :-) 

I'd just like to thank the nice Percona people for successfully throwing together the
second edition of Percona Live London. It was, if anything, even more interesting than the
first edition, and I had great fun discussing all the techie stuff with the right people. 

Not to mention trying to figure out what the hell this other Johan dude was talking about
when he was explaining how to optimize the entire stack from CPU to instance. The man
clearly knows what he's talking about. Me, not so much :-p 

So, again, thank you for making this happen, and I'll definitely be there again next year

Anyways, off to analyze selfish reads and other mayhem again. 


My love for you is like a cockroach: 
It's mostly active at night, 
It frightens the elderly, 
And it is completely impervious to nuclear weapons. 

Percona LiveJohan De Meersman12 Dec