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From:Hiromichi Watari Date:December 10 2012 7:09pm
Subject:16 Table Join Benchmarks for New Fast Server Published
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16 table join benchmarks were ran on Parallel Universe* at Amazon Web Services.

Results are available at .


*Parallel Universe is the industry's only SQL server with fast parallel query engine.

It is created by extending MySQL server architecture and runs on commodity server
Speed is achieved by processing tables in parallel utilizing multiple core/CPU of server
hardware and scalable to large joins.

Because of fast query processing being available to data analysis, it is an ideal data
warehouse server.
With Parallel Universe, you'll also be able to deploy less costly server hardware for the
same query load/task.

Parallel Universe is released under the GPL license and fully compatible with MySQL and
Percona servers.
Also available as part of Linux OS images at Amazon Web Services and .
16 Table Join Benchmarks for New Fast Server PublishedHiromichi Watari10 Dec