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From:Shawn Green Date:December 5 2012 2:27pm
Subject:Re: replication problem
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On 12/3/2012 7:24 AM, Trimurthy wrote:
> hi list,           i am trying to set up replication but i couldn't
> complete because of the following error
> Could not find first log file name in binary log index file can any one
> please help me.
... snipped ...

This one should have been easy for the list to advise you about. Let me 
step in to keep things on track.

For each instance of MySQL that creates binary logs there will be an 
'index' file that keeps track of which files this instance is managing. 
For example, if the binary logs are called "mysql-bin.000000", then the 
index file will be called "mysql-bin.index"

What has happened is that the contents of the index file no longer 
matches the inventory of actual binary logs present on disk. They have 
either been moved, erased, or had their permissions changed so that the 
system user that the mysqld daemon executes as can no longer see them.

The solution is to manually update the .index file with the current 
listing of binary log files. The longer term solution is to stop 
manually removing binary log files and allow the system to perform that 
for you with a PURGE BINARY LOGS command.  When you have MySQL do the 
purging, the .index file will be automatically updated.

For more details about the binary log, please read:

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