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From:Rick James Date:November 26 2012 6:59pm
Subject:RE: Query Plan Analyzer
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Yes and no.  It takes a lot of experience to get beyond what EXPLAIN gives us.  EXPLAIN
says what it does, but usually one wants to know "what to do".  To that end, I have
written some tips:
But if you have one of the classic "problems", you need to think out of the box. 
Examples:  EAV, Pagination, Big deletes, nearest pizza parlors, lat/long searching, latest
news articles, UUID indexing, picking a random row.  The above links lead to other pages
that discuss efficient approaches to those gnarly tasks.

I find Profiling to be useless, since it seems to always have 95% of the time is in
"copying"; this says nothing actionable.

EXPLAIN is useful in confirming that the query will be executed in the way you think it
ought to be -- Using this index or that, hitting the tables in a particular order, "Using
index" (meaning that the data did not need to be touched), "Using join buffer" (often
bad).  I repeatedly tell people that "using filesort/temp-table" is not necessarily evil;
think what it must take to do

If you want an analysis of a particular query, please provide
SHOW CREATE TABLE -- for engine, datatypes, and indexes
EXPLAIN SELECT -- for what the optimizer's plan

Oh, another note...  Akiban's EXPLAIN is far more detailed than MySQL's.  (But then, it is
doing some tricky things.)

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> Is this a joke?
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> > By experience!
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> > Hi All,
> >
> > Is there a way of looking at how mysql builds the query plan and
> > executes it for a given query? EXPLAIN is definitely a useful tool,
> > but it is not exact (shows approximations as far as I can see),
> > furthermore I want something like how the predicates were applied
> > (before or after JOINS), which indexes were used, etc.
> >
> > Basically, Oracle's EXPLAIN PLAN and SQL TRACE do this, and it is
> very
> > very useful for optimizing queries. Don't get me wrong, I love mysql,
> > but with mysql, you optimize queries more by trial and error, instead
> > of understanding what exactly is going on.
> >
> > Thanks a ton.
> >
> >
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