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From:Jackie Zhang Date:November 24 2012 11:30pm
Subject:Failed to setup SSL
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Hello everyone,

I want to setup SSL for mysql server. I followed the manual on

I first generated the certificates and key files by strictly following the
following link,
with everything verified:

shell> *openssl verify -CAfile ca-cert.pem server-cert.pem client-cert.pem*
server-cert.pem: OK
client-cert.pem: OK

But, when I start my server using
bin/mysqld --ssl-ca=./newcerts/ca-cert.pem \
                 --ssl-cert=./newcerts/server-cert.pem \

The server started with the following error message:
121124 14:41:27 [Warning] Failed to setup SSL
121124 14:41:27 [Warning] SSL error: Failed to set ciphers to use

Did I miss something? I tried to add
--ssl-cipher=DHE-RSA-AES256-SHA:AES128-SHA and --ssl, but it didn't help.

Please give me some clue...

Thank you very mich!

Best regards,

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