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From:Benjamin Stillman Date:November 7 2012 3:09pm
Subject:RE: How to verify mysqldump files
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In the past when I used mysqldump, I used a slave database for backups and periodically
testing restores.

My process for testing:
- Stop the slave process (so the db doesn't get updated).
- Run the backup.
- Create restore_test database.
- Restore the backup to the restore_test database.
- Use mysqldbcompare to compare the two databases.
- Drop restore_test database.
- Start the slave process.

I have this scripted so it just runs and emails me the results.

Useful link:

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Subject: How to verify mysqldump files

Can anyone suggest how I could verify that the files created by mysqldump are "okay"? They
are being created for backup purposes, and the last thing I want to do is find out that
the backups themselves are in some way corrupt.

I know I can check the output of the command itself, but what if.. I don't know... if
there are problems with the disc it writes to, or something like that. Is there any way to
check whether the output file is "valid" in the sense that it is complete and
syntactically correct?

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