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From:Claudio Nanni Date:November 7 2012 1:09pm
Subject:Re: How to verify mysqldump files
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It is always a good practice to test the whole solution backup/restore.
So nothing is better than testing a restore, actually it should be a
periodic procedure.
As for the validity of the file usually is delegated to the operating
If you want to check it yourself you may create an algorithm that analyses
some patterns in the dump file to recognize that it is correct,
starting may be from one that is working as 'valid' sample.



2012/11/7 Gary <listgj-mysql@stripped>

> Can anyone suggest how I could verify that the files created by
> mysqldump are "okay"? They are being created for backup purposes, and
> the last thing I want to do is find out that the backups themselves are
> in some way corrupt.
> I know I can check the output of the command itself, but what if.. I
> don't know... if there are problems with the disc it writes to, or
> something like that. Is there any way to check whether the output file
> is "valid" in the sense that it is complete and syntactically correct?
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