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From:Rick James Date:November 5 2012 11:59pm
Subject:RE: Change storage engine to InnoDB
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InnoDB is _often_ faster than MyISAM.  However, blind conversion has _some_ likelihood of causing _some_ queries to be slower.  Here is my doc on all the issues (I could think about):
(Don't worry about being on the MariaDB site, it all applies to regular MySQL, with or without XtraDB.)

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> From: Lorenzo Milesi [mailto:maxxer@stripped]
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> Subject: Change storage engine to InnoDB
> Hi.
> I've a (large?) FreeRadius database with MySQL 5.0.51.
> When the database was set up, MyISAM engine was used. Since now we're
> experiencing some performance problems, I was considering the migration to
> InnoDB, which I read should be faster.
> MySQL is a master/master replica setup. Since the ALTER TABLE will take
> some minutes (I did a test run on a separate db), and one of the two
> database while still active is not publicly accessible, I tought I could
> run the alter on the "offline" db first using the following:
> then switch the online db and run the same on the second node.
> From what I've read around, and basicly here [1], the main adivces are
> about disk storage, but not much more...
> My questions are:
> * will I really gain in performance by switching to Innodb?
> * is the above procedure a good schedule?
> * is there anything else I should care about, before starting?
> Thanks!
> maxxer
> [1]
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