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From:Stefan Kuhn Date:November 5 2012 11:31pm
Subject:Re: UDF behaves non-deterministic
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On Monday 05 November 2012 18:02:28 hsv@stripped wrote:
> >>>> 2012/11/04 22:23 +0000, Stefan Kuhn >>>>
> select * from table order by udf(column, 'input_value') desc;
> For my understanding, this should give the same result always.
> <<<<<<<<
> But if for your data function "udf" returns the same for more arguments
> there is not enough to fix the order. In that case I have found that other
> accidental things affect the order, things that one would not suspect:
> howmuch store is used and needed for the ordering, ... a further reason for
> showing what the function returns. If the order varies, although the
> function returns the same in all cases, well, ....
True, but I am missing records from the top ten which should definitly be in, 
so this should not be the problem here. I am investigating things further...

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