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From:Stefan Kuhn Date:November 5 2012 12:25am
Subject:Re: UDF behaves non-deterministic
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On Sunday 04 November 2012 22:34:22 Michael Dykman wrote:
> A couple of questions present.
> You mention that selecting from the whole table takes 5-10s so I assume you
> have a lot of records.
Yes, and the calculation of the score is fairly complicated. Plust the test 
server is slow (Pentium III machine, old, but working)
>   is the data not in flux? are you sure?
Yes, I am. I have a test server, where nothing happens.
>   these conflict queries are all on the same server?
Yes, one mysql instance on one server
> i would have structured the query like so:
>   select *, udf(column,'value') AS u from table order by u;
I tried this and whilst it gives a speedup (around 25%, I would say), it does 
not solve the problem (but thanks for the hint, I didn't think this makes a 
> I suspect it might reduce the number of udf invocations..  the order by
> clause is frequently referred to in the process of sorting.. keeping that
> static instead of dynamic might sanitize your issue.
> On 2012-11-04 4:24 PM, "Stefan Kuhn" <stefhk3@stripped> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have a weired (for me at least) problem with a user defined function,
> written in C. The function seems to return different results in different
> runs (the code of the function does not contain random elements).
> Basically, the function calculates a score based on a column in a table and
> an input value. So I do something like this:
> select * from table order by udf(column, 'input_value') desc;
> For my understanding, this should give the same result always. But if I run
> many statements (execution is from a java program and I can do it in
> parallel
> threads) so that they overlap (the udf on a large table takes 5-10 s on a
> slow machine), the results of some queries are different. If I have enough
> time between statements, it seems to work, i. e. the result is always the
> same. I would have thought the statements are independent, even if executed
> on different jdbc connections in parallel.
> Does somebody have an idea?
> Or could somebody give an idea on debugging? Normally I would try to debug
> the
> code to see what goes on, but how can I do this in a udf? Can I log in the
> udf?
> Thanks for any hints,
> Stefan
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