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From:Reindl Harald Date:October 31 2012 9:24pm
Subject:Re: what is stored in /var/lib/mysql_log/ ?
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personally i use ONLY vmware-guests for any production
servers because HA/Failover and unified managmenent and
a really easy way to resize drives for /var/log, /vbar/cache, /tmp
and hwatever mountpoint holds data - all seperated from /boot and rootfs

so it is no problem to use a own DISk for /tmp or
configure the mysql-temp-fodler to a folder on a large
enough disk

it is really simple to calculate - largest table + 50% for mysqltemp

running out of disk space is simply the result of a config mistake
or missing to watch growing data

Am 31.10.2012 22:13, schrieb Rick James:
> Oh, another issue...
> If you have your disk partitioned, and the tmpdir is pointing to a "small" partition,
> you could run out of room for that reason.
> I sometimes find a tiny boot partition (not a terrible idea), plus partitions for
> /tmp, /var /usr, and maybe others.  (Or C:, D:, etc, if you are that type of person.)
> Hence, I _dislike_ splitting disks into separate filesystems.
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>> Am 31.10.2012 19:47, schrieb walter harms:
>>> thx for your help. I have found the root cause that was not related to
>> immodb.
>>> It was that tmpdir was pointing to the same space. This were no
>>> problem for a long time then something happended, the system was
>>> optimizing and was running out of space causing a table corruption
>>> (why can a failed optimisation cause a table corruption ?)
>> because running out of disk space is a condition which is hard to test in
>> any combination and should never happen

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