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From:Rick James Date:October 31 2012 6:53pm
Subject:RE: index & innodb
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1.  Secondary indexes (but not the PRIMARY KEY) requires additional disk space.  A
secondary index implicitly includes copies the field(s) of the PRIMARY KEY; this is how it
can get to the actual data row.  Finding a row via a secondary key involves two BTree
lookups -- one in the secondary index, one in the primary key index (which has the data
with it).

2.  With file_per_table, that is in the .ibd; without file_per_table that is in ibdata1. 
Probably the identical amount of space either way.

file_per_table is almost always the better way to go.  However, it is awkward to convert a
big existing system, since it is not easy to free up the space already taken by ibdata1.

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> hi lists
>           1. does the indexes require additional storage other than the
> table space storage.
>           2. is there any performance difference will be there, if we go
> for innodb_file_per_table.
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