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From:walter harms Date:October 31 2012 6:47pm
Subject:Re: what is stored in /var/lib/mysql_log/ ?
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Am 31.10.2012 17:31, schrieb Rick James:
> The 2 (possibly more) iblog files are necessary for the inner workings of InnoDB. 
> They do not change in size.  They should not (normally) be removed or otherwise tampered
> with.  No useable data is stored there -- that is, they cannot be used for any form of
> disaster recovery.
> Tunable things for InnoDB can be found in my.cnf (my.ini).  They can be viewed
> (mostly) via
> Current status:

Hi Rick,
thx for your help. I have found the root cause that was not related to immodb.
It was that tmpdir was pointing to the same space. This were no problem for a long
time then something happended, the system was optimizing and was running out of space
causing a table corruption (why can a failed optimisation cause a table corruption ?)


> All of MySQL (not just InnoDB) needs "tmp" space for _some_ queries.  It is normally
> not be this same directory, but it is probably harmless if it is.
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>> Am 28.10.2012 21:50, schrieb Reindl Harald:
>>> Am 28.10.2012 21:29, schrieb walter harms:
>>>> hi list,
>>>> on my system this this directory contains ib_logfile0/ib_logfile1,
>> so far no problem.
>>>> From the documentation i had the impression that this is everything
>>>> and the files size should not change.
>>>> but it seems that immodb also uses this space for temp space, do
>> they
>>>> make a copy of ib_logfile here ?
>>> please provide a directory listing so that anybody get a clue what
>> you
>>> are speaking about!
>> sorry, I tend to forget that no everyone has the same configuration :(
>> on my system /var/lib/mysql_log
>> -rw-rw---- 1 mysql mysql 268435456 Oct 28 19:20 ib_logfile0
>> -rw-rw---- 1 mysql mysql 268435456 Oct 19 23:03 ib_logfile1
>> but i guess  i just found what is going on:
>>   innodb_log_group_home_dir=/var/lib/mysql_log
>>  tmpdir=/var/lib/mysql_log
>> I was always looking for innodb related configuration/problems but i
>> guess the strange files that appeared (and related problems) where
>> perhaps caused by tmpdir :)
>> ntl, thx
>> re,
>>  wh
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