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From:Benjamin Stillman Date:October 31 2012 1:42pm
Subject:RE: ndb_restore is not restoring users and grants
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By default, the mysql users/privileges tables are MyISAM, not ndbcluster. ndb_mgm backup
won't backup anything other than ndbcluster  tables. The --restore-privilege-tables only
works if you've converted those user and privileges tables to ndbcluster.

From the manual:


ndb_restore does not by default restore distributed MySQL privilege tables (MySQL Cluster
NDB 7.2.0 and later). This option causes ndb_restore to restore the privilege tables.

This works only if the privilege tables were converted to NDB before the backup was

I have been using this setup and it works well:

It basically creates backups of the user and privileges tables, then converts them to
ndbcluster. This allows you to back them up through ndb_mgm and also allows you to use the
same users/privileges across all the SQL nodes in the cluster. Hope this helps.

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Subject: ndb_restore is not restoring users and grants


I was able to backup my cluster using ndb_mgm and also restore using ndb_restore. However,
when everything looks fine after restore, I see that users and grants are not restored.
So, does ndb_restore restore all databases including information_schema and mysql
databases, plus users and grants? Am I missing something? Do I need to do anything after
restore step?

here are the commands I used for restore.

ndb_restore -c hostname -s -n 1 -m -b 3 -r --restore-privilege-tables=true
ndb_restore -c hostname -s -n 2 -b 3 -r --restore-privilege-tables=true

I really appreciate any help on this.



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