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From:bars0.bars0.bars0 Date:October 26 2012 7:26am
Subject:Re: get a partial dump
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W dniu 2012-10-18 16:27, Stefan Kuhn pisze:
> Hi everybody,
> I want to get insert statements from a mysql database for a number of rows of
> a table, specified by a where clause. I also need the inserts for the
> datasets linked via foreign keys in other tables. So I need a sort of partial
> dump, a bit like mysqldump, but restricted to a (small) set of data. This
> needs to be done in a Java program, using mysql via jdbc.
> Does anybody know an easy way to do this? Of course I could build the
> statements in the java code, but I thought mysql might offer that or at least
> parts of it. Does anybody have an idea?
> Thanks,
> Stefan

Hi there is a great java dbms client: SQL Workbench/J.
This app has some really great batch capabilities.
Look at chapter: 10,12,13,14

I use it to generate insert files by specifying query files.
On the linux box i use simple shell script:


# This is a script that fetch dataset based on '-script=file'.
# Dataset is saved as SQL INSERT file - this option, as well as
# output direcory can be also set in '-script=file'

# variables:

app_loc='-jar /yourPathToAppJar/sqlworkbench.jar '
jdbc_conn='-url=jdbc:mysql:// '
driver_type='-driver=com.mysql.jdbc.Driver '
db_user='-username=yourUsername '
db_pass='-password=yourPassword '
jdbc_loc='-driverjar=/jdbcPath/mysql-connector-java-3.1.14-bin.jar '
script_loc='-script=/pathToSqlScript/sampleSelectScript.sql '


# END of script

In the sampleSelectScript.sql you specify:

1) type of action (WbExport)
2) type of output (e.g. sqlinsert, can be also Excel file with 
additional jars)
3) encoding (e.g utf-8)
4) output file name and location
5) target table in insert file


-- BEGIN of SQL file

WbExport -type=sqlinsert -encoding=utf8 -file='/path/sampleInsert.sql' 

SELECT * FROM someTable; -- normal select statement with joins etc.

-- If you want specify another select statement in the same file, but 
save it in another output file, you specify another WbExport:

WbExport -type=sqlinsert -encoding=utf8 
-file='/differentPath/sampleInsert.sql' -table=someTargetTable;

use another_database; -- you can also switch between databases.

SELECT * FROM someTable; -- select statement

-- END of SQL file

Whole solution works great when combine with cron :)

I hope this solution will help you.

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