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From:Tim Thorburn Date:October 25 2012 8:29am
Subject:Re: MySQL password issue
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Not sure how the .sql backup file would have done that, but it seems to 
be working now.  I'll just step away slowly and carry on.  Thanks for 
the help!

On 10/25/2012 2:45 AM, Nitin Mehta wrote:
> Hi Tim,
> It looks like your '.sql backup file' has changed the password for root user and why
> it is persisting is perhaps you have data directory outside the install directory.
> How you correct the problem:
> Stop the service, start the service with option '--skip-grant-tables', login with
> root user and change the password from inside mysql.
> Hope that helps.
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> Subject: MySQL password issue
> Hi All,
> Today I ran into an interesting problem with my MySQL installation.
> I'll start off with the usual suspects: this is my development laptop running Windows
> 7 Ultimate 64-bit this is a fresh install, fully updated from Windows Update.  I
> downloaded the Windows Installer version of MySQL which is MySQL 5.5.28 Community Server. 
> I ran the setup choosing Developer install, made a root password, then created two users
> for Backup and Replication.
> The install completed successfully, and I was able to start MySQL Workbench logging
> in as root once.  I made a user in Server Administration and then imported a .sql backup
> file.  I then went to SQL Development to review the result of the restore.  I wasn't able
> to view the imported tables, Workbench seemed stuck on Retrieving Tables.  This database
> is driving a website I'm working on, and I was able to load the site in a browser on my
> laptop - again once.
> Next, I went to add another user, and then tried to import another .sql backup file. 
> This time, when I clicked Start Import, Workbench prompted me to enter my root password
> again.  Odd I thought, as I'd originally told Workbench to save the password in its vault.
>  Unfortunately, Workbench won't accept the root password.  I receive the following message
> in a popup window:
> Cannot Connect to Database Server
> Your connection attempt failed for user 'root' from your host to server at
> localhost:3306:
> Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: YES)
> The MySQL Service is still running, I've tried stopping, starting, and just
> restarting the service.  I've tried rebooting.  All with the same result.  What could have
> happened to this install to make MySQL no longer accept my password?  I have already tried
> uninstalling via the MySQL Installer, confirming that C:\ProgramData\MySQL was removed,
> and then shutting Windows down completely before trying to re-install.  The same result
> happens - I'm able to log in once, then several minutes later it will no longer accept a
> password.  This is a fresh install again, so there's not a lot of pain in uninstalling and
> reinstalling.
> Any thoughts on why this is happening, or more importantly, how to correct the
> problem?
> TIA,
> -Tim

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