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From:Rick James Date:October 12 2012 6:13pm
Subject:RE: Extract text from string
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Or if there is, it is too ugly to contemplate.
You are better off doing such in a real programming language.  MySQL will locate row(s)
containing "this is a test" via LIKE, RLIKE, or FULLTEXT (with caveats).  You need to take
over from there.

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> Subject: Extract text from string
> Hi,
> Is there such a way in a MySQL query to extract the text "this is a
> test"
> from the following strings as a example
> <strong><a href="" class="link">this is a
> test</a></strong> <strong><a href=""
> title="this
> is a test"
> class="link">link</a></strong>
> Thanks
> Neil
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