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From:Anupam Karmarkar Date:October 10 2012 12:02pm
Subject:Re: Monitoring Sessions
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Thanks Johan for info,

We already tried with tcpdump and wireshark it was helpfull. Percona tool kit i need to

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Subject: Re: Monitoring Sessions
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> From: "Anupam Karmarkar" <sb_akarmarkar@stripped>
> How to monitor individual session number of rows selected or updated
> by sessions, number of bytes sent and reviewed by session in a given
> time period, sessions connects runs command and then disconnects,
> SHOW GLOBAL STATUS is not helping me in this case as i want low
> level session details, there are nearly 50's application server
> requesting to 1 databases server, which server is generating more
> traffic need to monitor and what kind of queries it is firing,
> binlog file are genrating nearly 7-8 GB daily.
> Data trafic we can also get on network level but can we get more
> details as mention.

Well, you can look at the local (session) status, but that would require each session to
actually store those, as you can't access them outside of the session.

Alternatively, you can use tcpdump and wireshark to capture traffic as it goes through the
wire and look at what's happening. Percona Toolkit's pt-query-digest tool can also work
with tcpdump logs.

The general log file will also save you entire sessions, but will do so for EVERY session
that happens - which is going to make for a huge overhead on the busy machine you seem to
be describing, so is definitely not recommended.

Someone also recently posted links towards an init-sql based approach which might be
adapted, and towards a McAfee Auditing module for MyQSL that also seemed to hold some

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