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From:Adrián Espinosa Moreno Date:October 8 2012 7:59am
Subject:Slow queries / inserts InnoDB
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I have developed my first application with VB.NET at work (junior
developer) and basically it reads several thousands of lines from X number
of files, and inserts them into a mysql database.

The application consists of several steps:

1)      Dump all lines with all fields into a temp table.

a.       This works fine. Optimal speed for the hardware we have.

2)      Query temp table to obtain certain. I query by a unique ID. I
insert all unique ID (isn field). If the ID matches my interests, I insert
it into an ArrayList.

a.       Query: SELECT COUNT(SUBSTR(ISN,2)), SUBSTR(isn, 2) FROM

b.      The isn is not unique per line, but per data (sms)

c.       Once I have all isn on an arraylist, I do the following query:

                                                               i.      SELECT
 select, my, fields,of,interest  FROM SMS.TEMPDATADUMP WHERE SUBSTR(ISN, 2)
= '" & isn & "' ORDER BY type LIMIT 1

d.      To obtain some data. During the process I query around 10 times
other table per ISN.

e.      Here is the problem. If I have a few files to process (around
3000-4000 lines in total, small array) this steps work fine, good speed.
But If I have big files or a lot of files (more than 10000 lines in total,
big array), this steps are incredibly slow. Queries and inserts are too
slow. Meaning, one-two inserts per second, while the other case inserts are
around 800 per second.

Our hardware is not optimized for database server, but I don’t have other
choice. It is mostly a desktop computer

Intel core i5, windows 32 bits, 3GB RAM, one disk 500GB 7200rpm.

I have tried some optimizations commented in mysqlperformance blog without

Any way to optimize this?

Thank you very much in advance.

Adrián Espinosa Moreno.

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