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From:Rick James Date:October 3 2012 11:20pm
Subject:RE: Accessing Column Aliases In Other Columns?
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One way:

SELECT  @foo := this + that,
        more_stuff + @foo
    FROM ...;

Another way:

       more_stuff + foo
    FROM (
       SELECT this + that AS foo
          FROM ... ) x;

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> Subject: Accessing Column Aliases In Other Columns?
> I would like to refer to calculated columns in other columns. I thought
> a column alias would do it, but apparently they're only for
> aggregation, like GROUP BY.
> Other than repeating the entire calculation, what techniques are
> available for accessing such a calculation?
> I'm calculating an electric bill, based on meter readings. I need to
> subtract two meter readings, and use that number in several other
> calculations, for example.
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