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From:Michael Widenius Date:January 3 2000 9:30pm
Subject:problem with mysql start/die
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>>>>> "Tobe" == Tobe Johnson <tobe@stripped> writes:

Tobe> I just recently installed mysql w/ PHP3.x/Apache on a Cobalt 
Tobe> Server.  It was up and running fine until I started working w/ the 
Tobe> permissions.

Tobe> Then when I restarted the server, it gave me this error message:
Tobe> Starting mysqld daemon with databases from /var/lib/mysql
Tobe> /usr/bin/safe_mysqld: /var/lib/mysql/my_site.err: Permission denied
Tobe> mysqld daemon ended

Tobe> My log file tells me this:
Tobe> 991229  5:53:32  Found old style password for user 'ABC'. Restart using 
Tobe> --old-$
Tobe> mysqld ended on  Wed Dec 29 05:53:32 EST 1999

Tobe> How do I get rid of this old style (un-encoded) password?  Do I have to 
Tobe> totally re-install mysql or what?

Tobe> Thanks for your help
Tobe> Tobe


Start mysqld with --old-protocol and then check your mysql.user table;

You have some old passwords left that are coded with only 8
characters!  When you have changed the password for these users, you
can then restart mysqld without --old-protocol.

The major 'flaw' when running with --old-protocol is that your clients
can't get the error number for your error messages.

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