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From:Johan De Meersman Date:September 24 2012 2:43pm
Subject:Re: secure user name for MySQL account?
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> From: "Rajeev Prasad" <rp.neuli@stripped>
> I am considering using cryptic username for accessing and working on
> a database on my MySQL installation. can anyone with experience
> provide some suggestion pl?

Why would you make your life hard by using cryptic usernames? Have the username (and db
name) reflect the project it's used in or the user it belongs to, make sure you have a
properly complex password, allow only from appropriate hosts and set up restrictive
firewall rules. If you know how many simultaneous connections the application can make,
you can also restrict that.

> in documentation, i only see that it can be 16 char long. how complex
> it can be? any side effects/bugs of username complexity? can I use
> special characters in name?

Avoid reserved names, also best to avoid question marks and percent signs as those are
wildcards in some situations - even though (I think) they're not actually interpreted
unless the user name is a single percent sign. Apart from that, nothing much except the
16-character limit, I think.

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