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From:Steve Edberg Date:January 3 2000 10:22pm
Subject:Re: Using MySQL with a Mac?
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At 3:38 PM -0500 1/3/00, Mark Zieg wrote:
>Paul Bentley wrote:
> >
> > On 3/1/2000 Mark Zieg wrote:
> >
> > >I use my iMac to manage several MySQL databases which run on FreeBSD and
> > >Linux servers.  My solution is pretty simple: use telnet (or better,
> > >ssh) to connect to the remote box and do whatever comes naturally.  Or
> > >write a couple of Perl scripts to give yourself a quasi-secure Web
> > >front-end if you don't like command lines.
> >
> > Thanks for your reply Mark and sorry to be so dim but can I ask:
> >
> > Are you working with already created databases here?  Or are you
> > creating them in text form on your Mac before telnetting
>The latter.
>I don't create databases themselves very often -- no more than once
>every couple of weeks.  For that, I telnet into my ISP (actually, my own
>server, since I colocate), log into mysql using "mysql -u root -p
>mysql", then type in "create database MyNewDatabase".  At that point I
>usually create a new user as the primary owner/user of the new database,
>give the new user appropriate access rights in the "db" table, assign
>them a password, and exit the mysql client.  Then I issue a "mysqladmin
>-u root -p reload" so that the new user and permissions take effect.
>More often, I create new tables in existing databases.  I usually
>"create" them by using BBEdit Lite on my Mac to write a text file,
>usually called "CreateAll.sql", which will contain one or more "create
>table" commands like this:


You might not be aware of the MacSQL client -

it's still in beta right now, but the last coupla versions have been 
pretty stable. I use it on my MacOS 8.6 system to remotely administer 
MySQL on NT and Solaris machines. It also supports mSQL, and Oracle & 
Sybase support is on the to-do. It's been gaining features steadily; 
it's got a basic query window, schema viewer, and supports local and 
remote import/export (never tried the import/export functions, 
though). The author, Mark Lilback, is interested in adding improved 
schema editing and some ER tools as well. It's a big improvement, 
IMHO, over telnetting. Mark has also been pretty responsive when I've 
made bug reports & feature requests, too.

- steve

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