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From:Michael Widenius Date:September 22 2012 10:20am
Subject:Re: InnoDB vs. other storage engines
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>>>>> "Manuel" == Manuel Arostegui <manuel@stripped> writes:

Manuel> 2012/9/19 Mark Haney <markh@stripped>
>> I hope this doesn't end in some kind of flame war.  I'm looking to
>> optimize my tables (and performance in general) of the DB my web app is
>> using.  I'm tweaking things a little at a time, but I'm curious as to what
>> the rest of the MySQL list thinks about changing my storage engine from
>> InnoDB to something else so I can optimize the tables on a regular basis.
>> Is it worth the effort?  Any caveats?

Manuel> Hi Mark,

Manuel> I would depend on what your workload would be. Mostly writes, mostly reads,
Manuel> how many writes/reads do you expect etc.
Manuel> The best approach, from my point of view, would be, firstly, tune your
Manuel> MySQL server (if you've not done it yet) before getting into engine/tables
Manuel> optimizations which can be more complicated.

InnoDB is a great engine, but not suitable for everything.
Depending on your usage, moving some tables to another engine may

Here is some suggestions (in no particular order):

- If you want to have small footprint but don't need commit, foreign
  keys or explicite rollback then ARIA is an option.
- Duplicating some data in the MEMORY engine may also be beneficially.
- If your problem is a lot of write, then you should take a look at
  Tokutek. It's an engine that is optimized for a lot of inserts.
- If you want to utilize a lot of computers to analyze BIG data then
  ScaleDB ( or InfiniDB (
  may be an option.
Good luck and please post/blog about your experiences!

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