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From:Kent Boortz Date:September 7 2012 11:18am
Subject:MySQL Connector/Python 1.0.6 beta has been released
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Dear MySQL users,

MySQL Connector/Python v1.0.6 is a new version of the pure Python
database driver for MySQL. This is the first in a series of beta
releases that will introduce users to new features and changes.

This release is feature complete, but as a non-GA release is not
recommended for use in production environments. MySQL Connector/Python
version 1.0 is compatible with MySQL Server versions 5.5 and greater,
but should work with earlier versions (greater than v4.1).

MySQL Connector/Python v1.0.6 (beta) is available for download from
(Note: not all mirrors may be up to date yet)

A brief summary of changes in MySQL Connector/Python v1.0 is listed
below. Please check the ChangeLog file inside the distribution for a
more complete list of changes.

Changes in MySQL Connector/Python v1.0.6

Functionality Added or Changed:

* Changed name and version of distributions to align with other MySQL
  projects. The version now includes the suffix 'b' for beta and 'a'
  for alpha followed by a number. This version is used in the source
  and built distributions. GA versions will have no suffix.
  The RPM spec files have been updated to create packages whose
  names are aligned with RPMs from other MySQL projects.

* Changed how MySQL server errors are mapped to Python exceptions. We
  now use the SQLState (when available) to raise a better error.
  Incompatibility: some server errors are now raised with a
  different exception.

* It is possible to override how errors are raised using the
  mysql.connector.custom_error_exception() function, defined in the
  mysql.connector.errors module. This can be useful for certain
  frameworks to align with other database drivers.

Bug  Fixes:

* Fixed version-specific code so Connector/Python works with
  Python 3.3. (Bug #14524942)

* Fixed MySQLCursorRaw.fetchall() so it does not raise an exception
  when results are available. (Bug #14517262, Bug #66465)

* Fixed installation of on OS X: is now
  correctly installed on OS X in the mysql.connector package.
  Previously, it was installed through data_files, and
  ended up in the system-wide package location of Python, from
  which it could not be imported.
  data_files is not used any longer in and is removed.
  Extra files like are now copied in the custom
  Distutils commands. (Bug #14483142)

* Timeout for unit tests has been set to 10 seconds. Test cases can
  individually adjust it to be higher or lower. (Bug #14487502)

* Fixed test cases in that failed when using
  YEAR(2) with MySQL 5.6.6 and greater. (Bug #14460680)

* Fixed SSL unit testing for source distributions: The SSL keys and
  certificates were missing and are now added to the source
  distribution. Now SSL testing works properly.
  Additionally for the Windows platform, forward slashes were added
  to the option file creation so the MySQL server can pick up
  the needed SSL files. (Bug #14402737)



The source distribution includes the manual in various formats under
the docs/ folder.

Reporting Bugs

We welcome and appreciate your feedback and Bug  reports:


On behalf of the MySQL Build Team,
Kent Boortz
MySQL Connector/Python 1.0.6 beta has been releasedKent Boortz7 Sep