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From:indrani gorti Date:September 5 2012 9:16pm
Subject:Help with mysql connect_timeout
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Hi all,
I am a newbie to work with the settings in mysql although I have used in
very small applications before
I am currently experimenting with very large tables and a few complicated
queries.  I am using mysql 5.5.  My tables are of size of abt 1 million
tuples.  The queries upon these tables take more than 10 minutes and hence
the connection timeout.
I learnt that there are various timeouts .  I tried using
SHOW VARIABLES LIKE '%TIMEOUT%';  and found that the connect-timeout is 10
( about 600.495 secs)

Later I changed it to  SET GLOBAL connect_timeout=60;
However, I still find that the query loses the connection to mysql server
after about 10 mins( 600.495 secs)
I see that the connect_time is 60 though.

Can anyone please let me know whats wrong?
Thanks in advance for the help.

Indrani Gorti

Help with mysql connect_timeoutindrani gorti5 Sep
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