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From:Johan De Meersman Date:August 28 2012 8:49am
Subject:Re: MySQL, UTF8 and collations
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> From: "Rick James" <rjames@stripped>
> There is a section on German Sharp-s in
> I agree with "dirty".

Yes, seen it, but thank you. I'm not having character set issues, everything is nicely
UTF8. I'm merely running into the scheiße bug, but while utf8_unicode_ci does
properly handle that, it stil barfs on cœr (that's oe in one character) and I'm
wondering why.

> As I understand it, about 5.1.24, they said "Oops, sharp-s is
> collated wrong, let's fix it".  The fix broke things, but they stuck
> by the "correct" sorting.  Eventually they said "Oh, let's add
> another, compatible, collation".
> They were caught between a rock and a hard place.

The hard place being having to go "oops, sorry we broke things, we reverted the change and
will introduce a new default collation in the next version"? Yes, poor software vendors,
why do people always expect them to admit they made a mistake in judgement.

And, of course, "alter table foo collate utf8_general_mysql500_ci" doesn't do what you
hope, either. It changes the table's default collation nicely, and then explicitly adds
the *old* collation to all the rows you were hoping to have fixed.

Guess I'll be fixing it manually (well, sed is my friend) in a mysqldump before syncing up
the second node after it's been upgraded.

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