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From:william drescher Date:August 17 2012 3:53pm
Subject:update doesn't
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I have a table ("tasks") with:
task_id  mediumint(9)
status   char(1)
priority char(1)
and more fields

when I do the following (using phpMyAdmin):
update tasks
set status='H'
where task_id='1'

I get 1 row affected, but the status does not change when I look 
at the row.

If I set it to 'X' it does change.

To make it even more wacky, if I (using phpMyAdmin) change it to 
'H' it will change and the row is shown change, but when I go to 
examine the row (using the pencil icon=Edit) it changes back to 'W'.

Either there is something really strange or my mysql is possessed.

I am using Server version: 5.1.63-0ubuntu0.10.04.

Anyone have any thoughts about this or suggestions on how to 
debug it?

I discovered this because the application was failing to change 
the W to a H using update syntax.


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