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From:Jules Bean Date:April 23 1999 9:47am
Subject:Re: Secure Connections
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Fred Read wrote:
> We need to be able to implement a secure connection between
> our MySQL clients - not necessarily "mysql" - and the MySQL
> server.
> Section 6.14 of the manual mentions using ssh which would be
> ideal as we already use it for secure remote administration,
> but does not go into any detail.
> Does anyone here have any experience of using MySQL over a
> ssh link between Linux and/or Solaris boxes?
> If so, we would be grateful for any assistance you might be
> able to offer us.
> Thanks in anticipation...

If you explore the ssh documentation you'll discover that it's possible
to set up port X on the local machine to be an (encrypted) alias for
port Y on the remote machine - that's certainly one possible approach.


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