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From:Michael Widenius Date:March 14 1999 1:47pm
Subject:'Access Denied' for MySQL on win98
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>>>>> "Demon" == Demon Energis <tony@stripped> writes:

Demon> Hi,
Demon> I'm trying to install MySQL version 3.21.29a-gamma-debug (the
Demon> win32 shareware version) onto my PC running Win98 and MS PWS.

Demon> When I type mysql or mysqld at the DOS prompt my modem dials up
Demon> the internet.  Once connected I disconnect and then carry on
Demon> typing commands at the DOS prompt.

The problem is that MySQL uses TCP/IP to communicate between the
server and client. The default Microsoft setup, when you have installed 
automatic dialup, always calls the Internet even if you only connect to 
'localhost'.  The fix is to remove the automatic dialup or don't click 
'accept' when windows ask for connecting to the Internet.

Demon> If I type mysql I get:

Demon> "Welcome to the MySQL Monitor. Commands end with ; or \g.
Demon> Your MySQL connection id is 3 to server version
Demon> 3.21.29a-gamma-debug"

Demon> But if I try to, for example, create a database called tony, I
Demon> get:
Demon> "ERROR 1044: Acces Denied for user: '@unknown' to database 'tony'
Demon> "

Demon> I probably should have given up by now but I really want to get
Demon> it to work.  If anyone can spare the time to help I would be one
Demon> very grateful newbie.

The above is described in the MySQL manual.  To keep things secure
MySQL doesn't allow you to create a new database if you are not
granted the right to do this.

If you don't want any restrictions, start mysql as:

mysql -u root

and you can do anything.

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