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From:Benjamin Stillman Date:August 8 2012 12:59pm
Subject:RE: Error starting data node
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I just realized I shouldn't be reading these first thing in the morning before my first
cup of coffee...... That says node id 10, then the IP. Sorry about that.

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Subject: RE: Error starting data node

Unable to connect with connect string: nodeid=10,

There's a comma between 10 and 172 instead of a period.

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From: Aastha [mailto:aastha3@stripped]
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Subject: Error starting data node


I am receiving error when trying to start the data node. The configuration seems ok.
Kindly help.

*Unable to connect with connect string: nodeid=10,* *Retrying every 5
seconds. Attempts left: 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1,
*2012-08-07 18:19:20 [ndbd] ERROR    -- Could not connect to management
server, e**rror: ''*

*Config.ini on management node :*

[ndbd default]

# Options affecting ndbd processes on all data nodes:

NoOfReplicas=1                    # Number of replicas

DataDir=C:/mysql/bin/cluster-data   # Directory for each data node's data

                                    # Forward slashes used in directory path,

                                    # rather than backslashes. This is correct;

                                    # see Important note in text

DataMemory=80M    # Memory allocated to data storage

IndexMemory=18M   # Memory allocated to index storage

                  # For DataMemory and IndexMemory, we have used the

                  # default values. Since the "world" database takes up

                  # only about 500KB, this should be more than enough for

                  # this example Cluster setup.


# Management process options:

HostName=               # Hostname or IP address of management

DataDir=C:/mysql/bin/cluster-logs   # Directory for management node log



# Options for data node "A":

HostName=          # Hostname or IP address



MaxNoOfAttributes=3000 # added 2012.7.20


# SQL node A options:

HostName=           # Hostname or IP address



# SQL node B options:

HostName=           # Hostname or IP address


*my.ini on management server*


# Options for management node process



*my.ini on data node *


# Options for data nod process:

ndb-connectstring= # location of the management server


Kindly help. I have looked at the configuration and things fine to me


Aastha Gupta


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