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From:Róbert Kohányi Date:July 24 2012 5:51pm
Subject:mysqlimport --use-threads / mysqladmin processlist
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I'm in the middle of migrating an InnoDB database to an NDBCluster. I
use mysqldump to first create two dumps, the first one contains only
the database schema, the second one contains only tab delimited data
(via mysqldump --tab). I edit my InnoDB schema here and there
(ENGINE=InnoDB to ENGINE=NDB, etc.) import it and after this I import
the InnoDB data *as is* using mysqlimport.

I use it like this:

mysqlimport --local --use-threads=4 db dir/*.txt

(dir of course cotains the tab delimited data I dumped before.)

The import starts, and I check its progress via mysqladmin, like this:

mysqladmin --sleep=1 processlist

this is what I see:

Only a single process seems to be loading my data. Is this what I
*should* see, or, in my case using 4 threads, should I see four
processes? I'm not asking which one will be faster, I'm just simply
confused because I don't know what to expect. If I start four
different mysqlimport processes, each one importing different files,
then I can see four different process in the mysql processlist.

If it's matters, here is my server version (I use the official binaries).
Server version: 5.5.25a-ndb-7.2.7-gpl MySQL Cluster Community Server (GPL)

Kohányi Róbert
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