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From:Shawn Green Date:July 18 2012 1:42pm
Subject:Re: Looking for consultant
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On 7/17/2012 8:22 PM, Carl Kabbe wrote:
> On Monday, I asked if there were consultants out there who could help set up an NDB
> high availability system.  As I compared our needs to NDB, it became obvious that NDB was
> not the answer and more obvious that simply adding high availability processes to our
> existing Innodb system was.
> So, I am back asking if there are consultants lurking on this list that could help
> with this project.

As has been discussed on this list many times before, there are many 
ways to measure 'high availability'. Most of them deal with what kind of 
disaster you want to survive or return to service from.  If all you are 
looking for is additional production capacity then the terms you may 
want to investigate are 'scale out', 'partitioning', and 'replication'. 
All high-availability solutions require at least some level of hardware 
redundancy. Sometimes they require multiple layers in multiple locations.

Several of those features of MySQL also help with meeting some 
high-availability goals.

Are you willing to discuss your specific desired availability thresholds 
in public?

Shawn Green
MySQL Principal Technical Support Engineer
Oracle USA, Inc. - Hardware and Software, Engineered to Work Together.
Office: Blountville, TN

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