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From:(Hal Date:July 17 2012 3:25am
Subject:RE: Trouble with Average
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>>>> 2012/07/16 14:25 -0700, Rick James >>>>
Here's a different way to "smooth" numbers.  It uses an exponential moving average instead
of "the last 5".

       @a := (9 * @a + Value) / 10  AS moving_avg
FROM tbl
JOIN ( SELECT @a := 0 ) AS x;

*  Make 10 larger or smaller, depending on how smooth you want it.
*  9=10-1
*  @a := 0 should be changed to some reasonable starting value, else the graph will be
artificially low to start with.
Hunh, MySQL: to use the optimizer s order for an initial value never would have occurred
to me.

The important thing in using decaying average (I so know it) is this:
@a := (B * @a + C * Value) / (B + C) and B, C > 0. The bigger B is the more important
the past; therefore, the change is smaller and the graph is smoother. The smaller B is the
less important the initial value is.

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