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From:bruce Date:July 14 2012 5:16pm
Subject:mysql - uppoer limit for doing simultaneous red/writes..
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Considering a system, where I have a centralized Mysql setup. I'm not
sure exactly what this should be called, single box, cluster, etc...

But I'm looking to have a system of a a bunch of boxes, whihc run apps
that will access (read/write) to the different dbs/tbls on the mysql

I'm trying to get a feel for just what mysql can handle in this situation.

Can a mysql setup handle 50K-100K simultaneous connections
(reads/writes) to the same db..

Any docs that discuss this that I can take a look at.

My setup would consist of a couple of queues, that get accessed by
~100 machines to pull of the data, each machine would then run a
number of different apps that would in turn hit back to the master
mysql setup/db process..

So, I'm trying to determine if mysql can actually handle this kind of scenario.

mysql - uppoer limit for doing simultaneous red/writes..bruce14 Jul
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